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  Before You Buy A Single Phase Drive
Understanding Anacon Motor Drive Solutions

Selecting the proper motor drive is a process that begins at the load. Consult the table below to determine the category of your application, and the type of motor drive best suited.

Anacon Drive Application Typical Starting Torque*
Direct-drive fans and blowers with
PSC (permanent-split capacitor)
and shaded pole motors on
single-phase power.

*Typical starting torque as percentage of full load torque.

Non-compatible Motors
Anacon drives are not compatible with switched-cap (cap-start or cap-start/cap-run), or "split-phase" AC induction motors. (Why?) Anacon drives are also not intended for brushless DC or switched-reluctance motors.

Avoiding Wrong Choices
The use of a single phase PSC or shaded pole motor for high starting torque applications should be avoided. (Why?) This rule applies in general whether using a motor drive or not. The motor drive should not be viewed as a means of compensating for the inherent limitations of low-torque motors.

Examples of motor drive applications to avoid with single phase shaded pole or PSC motors include belt/pulley loads, compressors and pumps with high head pressures and heavily loaded conveyors. Expect to over-rate a single phase drive to meet high starting currents if a single phase drive must be used for a high-torque application.

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