Fact Sheet

Company Background

Anacon Systems is one of the pioneers in the original development of the single phase AC motor control. The first product was launched into production in 1999 and today thousands of Anacon Systems based single phase motor controllers are installed in HVAC, pumping and various other applications requiring variable speed motor control. During the last decade, Invertek Drives, located in the U.K., has dramatically expanded the line to include single phase controls up to 1.5 HP and three phase controls up to 350 HP. All of our products are manufactured in a state of the art facility in the U.K. . Invertek products are sold in over 60 different countries and are recognized by many international standards including UL, CSA, ETL, CE, TUV, and CTick ( Australia).

Product Offering

Anacon Systems provides fully programmable solutions for the digital control of AC Single Phase and Three Phase electric motors. We have offered several families of motor controls over the years, including the DigiDrive, EagleDrive, Optidrive E1, Optidrive E2, Optidrive Plus 3, Optidrive VTC, up to the current Optidrive P2 & ECO. We now focus primarily on the robust General Purpose Optidrive E3 & Optidrive E3 Single Phase lines. Various options and enclosures are available. The units are designed to provide flexible control characteristics allowing customers to configure their control for their application-specific purposes through firmware and/or hardware solutions.

Value Proposition

Anacon System’s products enable manufacturers to implement variable-speed, AC induction single phase motor systems at lower cost than DC or 3-phase AC motor system alternatives. A high percentage of systems in Anacon System’s target markets already use AC motors, for which manufacturers are often able to implement digitally controlled systems without changing their existing motor system platform. The designs are agency approved allowing for rapid implementation into the OEM’s next generation system.