Pre-sales Support
Making the right choice

Invertek Drives sales partners like Anacon Systems are carefully selected to serve the needs of their highly targeted markets around the world. Anacon Systems is supported with knowledge transfer programs, product selection and application training specific to our areas of operation. Anacon Systems works with key Invertek Drives account managers to help understand local legislation and emerging technology most relevant to our markets. The overriding objective is the provision of a truly global network between Anacon Systems and Invertek Drives, who provide unrivaled expertise in matching our drive technology to local market needs.

Customer Service
Dedicated contacts providing ownership and coordination

Providing our customers a dedicated customer service experience with access to highly experienced Invertek Drives people is core to delivering added value throughout all of our global activities. Access to an expert person who can take ownership of issues ranging from responsive order entry to logistics support ensures timely response and is key to delivering customer satisfaction. Our escalation management procedures allow us to coordinate directly with the manufacturer and throughout the entire value chain, no matter where in the world, to deliver accurate and fast solutions.