Product Warranty
Warranty Period

1.1 All Invertek products have warranty coverage of two years from date of manufacture. In most cases this is identified on the rating label of the product or on the carton label. If in doubt, please contact Anacon Systems with the drive serial number.


2.1 Product is not covered by warranty in the following conditions
2.1.1 Product has been altered electrically in any way or has been subjected to misuse, accidental damage or unauthorized repair
2.1.2 Product has been improperly wired, installed, connected or applied not in
accordance with the manufacturer recommendations outlined in the accompanying User Guide
2.1.3 The general maintenance relating to such product has not been observed or
performed to an acceptable industry standard
2.1.4 The product has been improperly stored and damaged while in the possession of the customer / end user.
2.1.5 The Customer has failed to notify Anacon Systems within a reasonable period of time of a design defect causing repeated failures.
2.1.6 The product has been returned to Anacon Systems poorly packaged and has been damaged in transit


3.1 The customer should notify Anacon Systems that there are products awaiting
warranty consideration. All requests for service or replacement under warranty MUST be made via completion of the Service Request Form. This form can be obtained by email from the Anacon Systems Service Center.
3.2 If / When Anacon Systems or Invertek Drives determines a replacement is warranted, products will be shipped in accordance with our normal methods with the next delivery unless otherwise agreed. Any special method of shipment and the associated cost allocation, for example overnight express delivery, etc. will be agreed in advance between the parties.
3.3 Based on Anacon Systems / Invertek Drives criteria, a repair may be identified as the most appropriate solution. In such cases, Anacon Systems will organize and pay for collection of the warranty products
3.4 The following information will be required before a collection can be arranged
3.4.1 List of Products by product code
3.4.2 Quantities
3.4.3 Pickup address (and return address if different)
3.4.4 Dimensions (Length x width x height) of parcel/pallet
An RMA (Returned Materials Authorization) number will be issued and the return documentation/packaging must be marked with this number. Returned goods will not be accepted unless clearly marked with an RMA Number
3.5 Each product that is returned to Anacon Systems or Invertek Drives will be analyzed to determine the cause of failure. In cases where the product has failed due to faulty component or build error, the product will be repaired free of charge, provided it is within its warranty period
3.6 Product returned that is determined to be out of warranty (either out of warranty period, or subject to the Limitations in section 2 above) will be quoted for repair, or alternatively a replacement solution (chargeable) may be offered
3.7 Product returned under warranty will be repaired (build or component fault only) and cleaned but is not completely serviced or replaced. If a full service is required, this can be carried out at an extra charge.
3.8 All repairs and replacements will be issued to the original purchaser / distributor, consolidated along with a suitable pending order. Where no orders exist, shipment will be by arrangement between Anacon Systems and the original purchaser.
3.9 On request, a Service Report can be provided indicating the possible causes of the failure along with any preventative recommendations
3.10 Under no circumstances will the company be liable for labor costs or expenses involved in dismantling and reassembling any installed product or part thereof which is defective in design or manufacture, which will be the sole responsibility of the Customer.